A revolutionary content & marketing company for millennials.

We are a college content & marketing company. By producing niche content, we connect affluent and influential target demographics with brands.

We are flipping the content industry upside down with an entirely new approach that combines the power of locally developed content, national reach and a gamified content creation process.

We believe the most productive ideas are formed in local communities.

It's time to change the conversation. We believe brands must engage influencers through multiple peer changes in order to drive awareness of trends and trend adoption.


Who we are.

We are a revolutionary content and marketing company of millennials. Using Olympia’s proprietary technology, community thought leaders develop, refine and share content for print, web, tablet and mobile to their communities. Our best content spreads to reach audiences across the US.

We are building the smartest team of creatives in the country. From coast to coast, we are comprised of entrepreneurial writers, editors, designers, developers and organizers. We achieve our goals because we’re driven. We won’t stop until we create the best college content and marketing strategies in the country.

What we do


Millennial writers in each of their hyper-targeted communities capture the ideas and perspectives of their area’s thought leaders. They package new ideas and change national conversations.

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Our local newspapers meet our readers at the dining room tables of fraternity and sorority houses.


Writers in each community are incentivized write high quality articles that engage their social media audiences.


Creative ideas and focus groups are sourced by community influencers nationwide, refined by our creative staff, and implemented with a localized strategy either at one school or nationally.

Campaigns include web, tablet, mobile, print and on-campus brand evangelists who are hired specifically to cater to one client’s brand culture.

Olympia works with over 800 clients from local business to worldwide brands.

Several Client Examples

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Proctor & Gamble

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We start conversations between influencers creating trends.

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