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We are a college content & marketing company. By producing niche content, we connect affluent and influential target demographics with brands.

College marketing today is treated as a single demographic with a single message. Just because someone is enrolled in secondary education does not mean they have the same buying power, interests or influence as every other college student.

Our philosophy is that businesses require targeted messages to target demographics. Ad strategies shaped around hyper-targeted content and integration of the message into social norms can alter consumer buying habits.

It's time to change the conversation. We believe brands must engage influencers through multiple peer changes in order to drive awareness of trends and trend adoption.


Who we are.

At Olympia, we seek out and build the smartest team of creators in the country. From coast to coast we are comprised of entrepreneurial writers, editors, designers, creatives, developers, organizers, and leaders. We are goal achievers, motivated by the vision of creating the pinnacle college content and marketing company in the country.

Over 150 Olympia team members and over 1,000 Olympia writers are actively involved in tackling goals that most people deem unrealistic; we embrace the challenge, pack a punch, and deliver a win.

What we do

At Olympia we produce hyper-targeted content and user-generated marketing by working with local students and trends within specific markets. Leveraging this knowledge, partners of Olympia have the capability to amplify their message by generating real conversation among targeted trendsetters.


85 of the largest universities in the 2013-2014 school year


Digital presence through web, tablet, and mobile website with breaking news, real-time content, and video.

Weekly full color, completely campus unique newspapers with student-generated content delivered to the breakfast tables in campus group living.


Creative ideas sourced from Olympia college teams nationwide, refined by our creative staff, and implemented as a national campaign with localized strategies.

Brand evangelists are hired specifically to match the brand culture, allowing Olympia the power to create peer engagement and on campus activations.

Custom technology for each project to manage key performance indicators and track return on investment in real time.

Our client base spans across business, brand marketing teams, and agencies.

We start conversations between influencers creating trends.

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